Our LucaNet.Certified Partners

Our LucaNet.Certified Partners offer services such as sales, comprehensive implementation services, broad-based specialist consultation, as well as customization options for all facets of the LucaNet software. In order to maintain our continuously high quality standard, our LucaNet.Certified Partners must meet the LucaNet certification criteria while also employing at least two employees who are certified as LucaNet.Certified Professionals at any time. Our certified partners have the in-depth product knowledge required to provide support to LucaNet customers and thus distinguish themselves from other competitors through their high level of proficiency and certified expertise. 

This platform provides you with the contact details of our LucaNet partners. This way, you can quickly and easily find the right certified partner for your specific and individual professional challenges near you, anywhere in the world. Of course, all LucaNet.Certified Partners cover the implementation of LucaNet software to the same extent. However, each partner has particularly outstanding expertise in specific areas of expertise – according to your needs.