Global Climate GmbH

Global Climate®, an innovative software company with headquarters in Munich, is a leader in process-integrated CO2 accounting technology with additional expertise in ESG ratings for EU sustainability reporting compliant with statutory regulations.    

Using an accounting-based approach, consolidated financial statements can be created for both sole proprietorships and complex group structures.  

The software can map the entire value chain of a company multidimensionally and calculate (GRI) key figures.  

With the interfaces in financial accounting, ERP and BI systems, just one onboarding is required in order for customers to immediately fully take advantage of the added value.  

In addition, Global Climate® supports its clients in implementing their sustainability and communication strategy using reliable data and reporting at various levels (internal and external). 


Sco2pes, Sco2res, CO2 Hub 

Our software portfolio automatically creates CO2 balancing and ESG ratings for companies. ERP-based. Process integrated. Audit-compliant 

All customer data on the LucaNet platform can be used directly for CO2 balancing so that customers usually do not need any additional interfaces. In addition, further interfaces can be added. The integration of customer data via the LucaNet platform is automated. 


  • Complete CO2 balancing according to the GHG Protocol 

  • Automatic data transfer from financial accounting and ERP systems 

  • Real-time calculations on the dashboard for reporting during the year 

  • High data quality by integrating a system for audit-compliant CO2 balancing 

  • Fully integrated platform for supply chains (integration via ESG tool Sco2res) 


  • Automated CO2 balancing 

  • CO2 budgets and scenarios 

  • Standardized or individual ESG ratings 

  • CO2 Audit Tool 

  • KPIs for the Sustainability Report 

  • Individualized reporting for projects, subsidiaries or production sites 

  • Corporate consolidation 



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