Zebra BI

Zebra BI offers some of the most powerful visualizations for both Excel and Power BI to aid data-driven management in companies around the world. It helps users create more actionable and meaningful reports with unique technical possibilities such as waterfall charts with subtotals, flexible tables, the creation of more dimensions in the same chart or advanced analysis with small multiples, and more.


Zebra BI for Power BI

Zebra BI visuals are a Microsoft certified add-in for Power BI that enables users to gain deeper insight into their data and to create standardized and meaningful dashboards that comply with IBCS® guidelines.

Developed in close cooperation with the Power BI community and based on years of expertise in data visualization, this add-in enables best practice reports to be created in a matter of minutes.

Zebra BI for Excel

Zebra BI for Excel is an Excel add-in empowering users to create standardized, focused and impactful reports and presentations, which meet the IBCS® guidelines.

Zebra BI uses a built-in semantic layer to recognize financial data within Excel and automatically convert it to IBCS®-compliant visualizations. Financial reports become crystal clear to all levels of management in real working conditions, where reader’s available attention is limited. Zebra BI allows users to communicate actionable information, not just data.


  • Smarter decision-making: get deeper insights into your data for more meaningful & actionable reporting
  • Better governance of reporting: Zebra BI visuals are IBCS certified and follow the international reporting communication standards. This drives consistency and clarity across large organizations, while enabling a self-service reporting.
  • The highest security standards: Zebra BI visuals are Microsoft certified, meaning they comply with Microsoft security and privacy requirements.
  • Faster Power BI adoption: Zebra BI visuals help speed up the adoption of Power BI in the companies.
  • Simplicity and higher efficiency: Zebra BI visuals are easy to use and help designers and users of reports achieve results faster.


  • Chart slider: The Zebra BI Charts visual features a "chart slider" which allows you to visualize your data with multiple different advanced business charts.
  • Responsive layout: Zebra BI visuals for Power BI are the world's first fully responsive BI visualizations. The visuals will automatically adapt to the content presented and the available space.
  • One-click changing of variance calculations: You can change the calculation of variances and difference highlights by clicking directly on the labels.
  • One-click sorting: In the Zebra BI Tables visual you can sort by the respective measure, presented in the column with just one click. If you're doing that on a hierarchical table, a multi-level sort will be applied automatically (across multiple levels simultaneously).
  • Small multiples: One of the most powerful data visualization method which allows you to compare multiple data categories on the same page.
  • Axis break in waterfall charts: The 'axis break', while being a slightly controversial dataviz method, can help present the contribution of data elements to the total result more clearly.
  • Fully responsive hierarchical tables: Advanced hierarchical tables will automatically calculate absolute and relative variances and adjust the display of all the elements to available space. You can add an unlimited number of levels and show exactly the ones you want. These hierarchical tables are ideal for visualizing Profit & Loss reports.
  • Expand/sollapse rows and columns: In hierarchical tables, you can expand/collapse rows and columns by simply clicking on the arrows. You can also choose to collapse or expand all, allowing you to tailor your tables to your exact needs and desires.
  • Income statements (P&L): Zebra BI's vertical waterfall charts and variance charts allow you to easily make sense of displaying and analyzing P&Ls, Income statements and pricing calculations.
  • Native support for IBCS: Zebra BI visuals are the first IBCS®-certified and fully-compliant visuals for Power BI. The IBCS standard design notation is rendered automatically, without adjusting any kind of settings.


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